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Lesson Special Offer!

We have a fantastic lesson offer available for you with our Senior PGA Professional -

Andrew Baguley!

We don’t have any products to show right now.


Andrew Baguley

Andrew has been a Qualified PGA Professional for over 30 years with vast experience in all aspects of the game.

Andrew has taught all levels of golfers from complete beginners to Professionals and believes there is more than one way to swing the club.
With Andrew’s assistance you can expect to develop a more consistent swing and have an understanding of what works best for you.

About Boomers & Swingers

Boomers & Swingers at Astley Driving Range is generally regarded as the best ball whacking field in Manchester. With premium range balls and some entertaining targets including a tank (yes you read that right) it is simply the place to be when it comes to golf and more importantly, having fun.


GCQuad Technology

Using the very latest GC Quad technology we can analyse your every shot in great detail and use that to improve the fundamentals of your golf game. 

We also have a fully interactive simulator allowing you to play some of the best golf courses in the world.

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