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Meet Our Coaches

Jack Brooks

Tournament Professional Golfer


Jack is a teaching professional golfer, whilst also regularly playing tournaments around the world. Jack’s style of teaching is to just get you to hit the ball in the hole in less shots and make your bad shots better! No Technical nonsense or big swing changes. Playing lessons on the simulator are key to this approach. 


From complete beginner to elite level, he has it covered. Learn different shot shapes and ball flights allowing to you take your golf game onto any type golf course anywhere. 


As an amateur Jack was known as the worlds most active golfer winning numerous tournaments around the world and  playing for England for 7 years. 


Learn how to win tournaments, better your handicap and most importantly, beat your mates.

Nick Solski

Owner/Fellow of the PGA

Fellow of the PGA Nick Solski has given golf lessons to Presidents of countries, Ambassadors, Business owners, CEO's, Sports Stars, Models and A, B and even C list Celebs....oh, and even the first-ever lesson to the owner of Chelsea Football club.

Everyone can hit the occasional good shot, but he can teach you to hit to much better and more consistent bad shots!

Nick Solski at Boomers and Swingers
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