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Meet Our Coaches

Nick Solski

Owner/Fellow of the PGA

Nick Solski at Boomers and Swingers

Fellow of the PGA Nick Solski has given golf lessons to Presidents of countries, Ambassadors, Business owners, CEO's, Sports Stars, Models and A, B and even C list Celebs....oh, and even the first-ever lesson to the owner of Chelsea Football club.

Everyone can hit the occasional good shot, but he can teach you to hit to much better and more consistent bad shots!

Andrew Baguley

PGA Professional

Andrew has been a Qualified PGA Professional for over 30 years with vast experience in all aspects of the game.

Andrew has taught all levels of golfers from complete beginners to Professionals and believes there is more than one way to swing the club.

With Andrew’s assistance you can expect to develop a more consistent swing and have an understanding of what works best for you.

Andrew Baguley at Boomers and Swingers
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