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We took great interest in the PM's statement. Unfortunately, there were guidelines but no policies we could hang our hat on. "If, should, maybe, can and try" are fluffy words, so we are left to make our own decisions. We will reopen at 10am on MONDAY 18th MAY. We will have a two day trial before this. Our procedures will be adapted according to how this trial goes.

We are not a "golf" venue. We are open to the public and we are in the leisure, entertainment and hospitality industry. We are an outside venue with a roof. Effectively a park with a rain shelter. The bays are over 2m apart, so as long as we put the correct procedures in place that we would be happy for our families to be safe in, we are happy to reopen in the knowledge that our customers are safe.

We will not be letting people use our free rental clubs at the moment, so it will be "bring your own whacking sticks" for now. We will double wash our balls and have a bin for you to dunk yours in after they have been dispensed/given to you. The toilets and all indoor areas will be closed, we will serve you from a contactless machine outside and pre dispense all balls. We will only be selling small and medium baskets (about 50/100 balls) at the beginning, no unlimited ball deals to avoid the red button being pressed.

Access from the car park will be through the side gate. Leaving will be the same way. One bay per person apart from household sharers. All chairs removed. Masks highly encouraged. If we are too busy, you'll be asked to wait in your car.

We are going to welcome you back and can't wait to see you all. Safety is our priority though. We reserve the right to change the procedures, and even close again if we are not keeping people safe.

We'll be in touch again after spending this week making sure you can be safe while visiting us.

See you soon,

Nick & Team

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