July 2020 FAQ

We're open with safety measures in place + new mats / balls

Sanitised free Rental Clubs available

50/100/150 balls £5/£9/£12.5 (no unlimited)

No need to book, just turn up

Footgolf open - bring your own balls

Anything else, live chat us from the website

Golf Coach to the Rich and Famous...

Fellow of the PGA Nick Solski has given golf lessons to Presidents of countries, Ambassadors, Business owners, CEO's, Sport Stars, Models and A,B and even C list Celebs....oh, and even the first ever lesson to the owner of Chelsea Football club.

Call now to book your lesson. I'm not cheap and im not shy about it. But you will improve.....if you don't, you won't pay........

(not gonna happen)

Why waste time not playing to your potential? Just get it sorted quickly and professionally.

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